10 Tourist Attractions in Indonesia Called “New Bali”

Who also knows that Indonesia has not a few beautiful tourist attractions. So, during the holidays, you definitely don’t have to go to Bali often. In 2016, there are 10 tourist sites in Indonesia which are the government’s priority in order to advance Indonesian tourism. The government intentionally alluded 10 tourist sites as “10 New Bali” because the destination could bring 4 million foreign tourists in one year and rival Bali’s popularity. So, this time the pegipegi want to discuss these tourist attractions.

Lake Toba has an altitude of almost 1 km above sea level and is surrounded by rows of volcanoes. There are also not a few pine trees and palm trees that grow beautifully, to the point that the scenery is increasingly looking beautiful. In the north, you can still find a variety of animals, like orangutans, a number of types of monkeys, and langurs. In the southern element, you can find a number of types of monkeys, tapirs, ingkir, and lingur. Lake Toba is felt as an ecological separator of animals on the northern and southern elements.
You can enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba passing Tele Tower which is on the hillside. The view is more aesthetic in the morning. Sometimes, thick fog blankets Lake Toba. If there is no mist, the curve of Lake Toba looks more beautiful. Its appearance is like a sea in the middle of land. The air also feels cool, so it is suitable to be used as a location to gouge a sense of fatigue.

Initially, no one knew about the beauty of Belitung because its location was hidden. However, this tourist location became popular thanks to the film Laskar Pelangi. If you depart to Belitung, you must wander aesthetic beaches there, like Tanjung Tinggi Beach which is calm, white sand, clear sea water, and not a few seafood stalls. There is also Tanjung Kelayang Beach which consists of two parts. In the west it is filled with granite rocks and in the east there is a small stretch of white sand.
Galangal Island is not to be missed because there is a towering lighthouse. The lighthouse has been established since 1882. Through the lighthouse, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the beaches. And still not a few other unique natural attractions in Belitung, like Bukit Berahu, Punai Beach, Sand Island, Lake Kaolin, and others.

If you live in Jakarta and don’t want a vacation too far, you can stop by Tanjung Lesung in Banten. Many things you can do there, namely snorkeling, diving, feeling water sports, like canoeing, jet skiing, banana boat, and others. Or just swimming there is OK because the sea water is the clearest. For those who like fishing, you can also fish near the pier.
Uniquely, in Tanjung Lesung you can also get acquainted with the Debus martial arts from Banten that make goose bumps goose bumps. After a tired day playing on the beach, you can fill your stomach with a variety of seafood dishes that are spoiled on the beach. And what can’t be left behind is enjoying the beautiful sunset at Tanjung Lesung!

In addition to Tanjung Lesung, the Thousand Islands can certainly be used by residents of Jakarta for a weekend getaway! The name is indeed a thousand, but actually the island there is not up to a thousand. Only for 110 large islands and small islands that extend from Anyer Island to the islands in the Java Sea, like Sepa Island, Putri Island, and Ghost Island.

The Thousand Islands sighting is like a playground consisting of beaches and water. There are also offered many types of entertainment, like playing white sand, jet skiing, boat rides, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The Thousand Islands also has a Dutch heritage that you can use to study history, the Archaeological Park of Onrust Island. There is also a nature reserve that is used to preserve hawksbill sea turtles and protect mangrove forests.

Every year, Buddhists remember Vesak at Borobudur Temple. Vesak is the anniversary of birth, death, and when Sidharta Gautama gained the highest wisdom by becoming a Shakyamuni Buddha. These three moments are called Vesak Trisuci. When Vesak night, Buddhists gather around Borobudur. At that time, Borobudur was believed to be the location of a gathering of supernatural powers. He said, Buddha would be seen on the southern peak of the mountain.

Mount Bromo is an active volcano and is the best-selling tourist destination in East Java. The height of this mountain is 2,392 meters above sea level and has an interlocking format of one of the valleys and canyons, even surrounded by a caldera or sea of ​​sand covering 5,300 ha. Although Mount Bromo is not as big as other volcanoes, its beauty can attract the attention of all tourists.


One of the beautiful beaches in Central Lombok is Seger Beach. Among the Seger Beach sections, there is the Mandalika Monument, which is related to the indigenous tribe of Lombok, the Sasak Tribe. Mandalika is adopted from the name of a royal princess of the Sasak Tribe, namely Princess Mandalika. The story takes place in the 16th century, where the Kingdom of Tanjung Biru was ordered by King Tonang Beru and Ratu Seranting. From their marriage, Princess Mandalika was born who grew up beautifully, so that not a few princes who wanted to marry her.


In addition, there are still not a few different small islands that enter the Komodo National Park. The area of ​​Komodo National Park is 2,321 square km, covering both land and sea and air. From the name, you surely know that this island is a place where dragons live. Komodo Island is indeed a habitat for native Komodo dragons.


Wakatobi National Park is perfect for those of you who like diving. He cried again, you can also swim with whale sharks whose body is much more than your body! There are familiar with the variety of beautiful coral reefs, even colorful little fish. Ecologically, coral reefs play an urgent role as habitat for reef fish communities that are targeted by fishermen.


The island with an area of ​​1,800 square km has a number of beaches with spectacular views and beauty under the sea is said to save the mystery. Most of Morotai Island is in the form of forests that produce wood and resin. Morotai Island is also very strategic, namely as a trade route in eastern Indonesia and has natural resources, like iron ore, gold, and others.